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This page is dedicated to allowing Democrats members, as well as members of the public, to provide feedback and ideas for current and future Democrats policies. Comments from all members of the public are welcome and will be considered. However, if you would like to have a say in the shaping of policy as well as voting rights for other party decisions, become a member here.

For a quick refresher on Australia Day – January 26 and why some people are calling for a date change, see this short 2min video.

The conversation around Aboriginal perspectives of Australia Day has been gaining traction, with many calling for empathy, inclusion, and even changing the date.

There are multiple ways Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people mark this occasion in a way that honours these perspectives. Some protest and use the term Invasion Day, and often these protests have calls for justice in other areas that need desperate attention – for example the disproportionate number of Aboriginal people who are incarcerated, deaths in custody, stolen wages, and more. Some hold or attend Survival Day events, celebrating resilience and community. Some attend Australia Day events, celebrating citizenship for new arrivals to Australia, Australians of the Year, and including Aboriginal perspectives as part of this.

There are many issues that are raised on January 26 which belong to the larger discussion and policy on Reconciliation. Should this policy include a reference to Australia Day/January 26? Should the Democrats have a stance on #changethedate?

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With the arrest of Jenny Hallam, the issue of medical use of cannabis has once again been brought to public attention.

The Democrats have long been advocates of drug law reform, stating that laws must be based on science and not values/beliefs and fear mongering. At the heart of drug laws must be principles of compassion, harm minimisation and of course, evidence.

The Hon. Sandra Kanck, during her time in parliament, introduced bills in SA to amend the Controlled Substances Act (see her speeches from the 23rd July and 27th November, 2008). Unfortunately, despite receiving praise from around the world, her bills did not pass.

Science and evidence is being added to all the time, and even our ahead-of-its-time member-balloted policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs may need revisiting.

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We aim for all our policies to be evidence-based, solutions-focused, and committed to finding common ground and ways for even the most polarised of groups to move forward together. We encourage you to be part of this process. Join as a member today.

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