The Australian Democrats are a party that is truly created for you, by you. We are made up of a diverse range of volunteers who give up their time in the genuine belief that together, we can create an Australia that works for all of us. And along the way build a better version of democracy.

No matter what your skill set or passion or time commitments, there so many ways to get involved. From helping shape policy, to recruiting friends, to lending a hand on polling days. There are limitless ways to show your support and countless ways you will see benefits.

For more information about our party and volunteering contact us directly or read our induction advisory.

We are committed to providing a safe, constructive and enjoyable environment for our members/volunteers.  You can read our Ethical Code of Conduct, our Code of Conduct against Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment and our Grievance Resolution framework that are now in force.

Thank you for joining us – and welcome to the team!