Senate Candidate for VIC


I am nominated as an Australian Democrats candidate for a Senate seat for Victoria.

I was inspired to take the step from passive observer to active participant as I watched our government grind to a halt last October as once again the Australian people took a back seat to the power struggles within the Liberal Party.

I’m 58 years old, the son of a plumber, a father and grandfather and have been in full time work for over 30 years. I’ve worked in factories, shops and on the road. Currently I make my living in the field of commercial plumbing sales and have dealt with tradespeople, professionals, teachers and government officials around Australia and overseas.

I respect all people whether in boardrooms, shops, building sites and ditches in the ground. I have worked my way through life and been rewarded for it. Some might say I’ve been lucky, but I’ve found the harder I worked the luckier I got.

I’ve served in the Army Reserve as well as the Scout Association and am actively involved in my local Arts and Theatre community.

I’ve led no sheltered life but been subject to the ups and downs of our economy like all Australians and so know what it’s like to sometimes fear for the future.

As I watched our government collapse into a feeding frenzy, I felt there must be another option, a better way and I recalled that when the Democrats were a major third party, a party that had no allegiances to ideologies except that which benefited the majority, this country steered a course straight and true.

I have a keen interest in policy for industry, in supporting Australian production, jobs, and innovation. This links to needs in education and training. And this doesn’t need to be at the cost of our environment.

I believe in fairness for all, discrimination for none and a clean bright future for our children with an economy looking forward, not backward.

This is a job interview for a work contract. If at the end of the contract, my employers don’t like my work, they won’t renew the contract. Like every other employee in Australia, I know what that means.

Marc's areas of focus:

  • Industry and Innovation
  • Political Accountability
  • Climate Change
  • Energy