Senate Candidate for VIC


David has served in many roles for the Australian Democrats and is committed to the Australian Democrats as a member-based Party serving all - a Party interested in considering all options to solve problems, and it aims to make governments more accountable; “The Democrats work across all portfolios of Government. I am keen to contribute in economic management, the environment, and in education.”

David served as Senior Advisor to Democrats leader Senator Lyn Allison, which involved research, media liaison and strategy. “I am committed to the thoughtful strategy of the Democrats; reviewing legislation line by line, negotiating with Government, weighing the evidence and putting the good of all above ideology and private interests.”

David recently has commented on the profound economic cost of soaring land prices imposed upon the Australian people. “Instead of investing in enterprise and building Australia, the gains from the mining boom financed property speculation and were boiled off in land price inflation. This misallocation was driven by our very bad tax system, which ruthlessly taxes the poor and offers a myriad loopholes to investors.”

Previously owning and running a photography business, David understands the challenges and hardships of small business. Earlier, he worked in corporate communications at Kodak Australasia and as Public Affairs Manager at Metropolitan Ambulance Service. David is a graduate of Melbourne’s Film School, then at Swinburne, now Victorian College of the Arts.

"Only the Australian Democrats stand willing to join the battle on the facts. If elected, my vote will be cast for progress, opportunity and fairness. These civic virtues have been ignored for too long."

David's areas of focus:

  • Taxation Reform
  • Political Accountability
  • Housing
  • Small Business