We're back!

To return integrity to politics.

Victorians recognise the importance of their beautiful and diverse natural resources. From the Great Ocean Road to the Great Dividing Range and the mighty Murray River, there is so much at stake and so much to protect as the impacts of climate change continue.

You need a voice who is willing to fight for the protection of Victoria’s natural environment, who is willing to support low carbon energy alternatives, fight for a solution to mounting waste and investment in recycling technology.

The Democrats will push to deliver alternate employment opportunities to both regional and metropolitan areas impacted by job losses. We believe in creating employment opportunities everywhere; you shouldn't have to leave your home region to access employment.

As passionate as Victorians are about sport, the Australian Democrats are about integrity and accountability in our system of democracy. Just like we expect a level of honest and integrity from our sportspeople, we will demand the same from our politicians and political system. The system is broken and not delivering outcomes on key issues affecting Victorians, such as the cost of living, housing affordability and a sustainable future for all Australians.

The Democrats are the Party for all Australians.

Our Candidates in Victoria