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South Australia Division Fundraising & Activities

Australian Democrats (SA Div) Inc.

Fundraising opportunities and participation during 2017.

South Australia Division Fundraising is vital to raising money to cover costs. Although we go to great measures to maximise the value of our expenses, we also try to give a wide range of ways you can support our fundraising as well as find something that suits your interests.

To purchase or inquire about some of these fundraisers, email :

CARDS, SEEDS, FLOWER POTS, VEGETABLES/FRUITS & MORE (subject to seasonal availability)

prices range from $6 – $10

*40% of all sales go direct to SA Division

SML. MED. LGE. sized pizzas made fresh to order or frozen – *30% of all sales go direct to SA Division

prices range from $6.25-$17.50 (large gourmet range)

(orders must be placed by C.O.B. Mondays for delivery following Thursday)

Easter (orders close 10th April 2017) & Christmas ordering available – contact the office for more details.

Sheep milk hair & body soap – ideal for dandruff, eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis – many varieties & blends.

Locally produced – contains natural products (no palm oil)

*Bulk buy special prices apply!

*The South Australian Division supports local South Australian businesses, producers, and workforce where possible, and Australian made and owned charity/fundraising organisations nationwide.

email :

The Australian Democrats (SA Division) Inc. is a not for profit organisation that relies entirely on donations and fundraising to cover costs of administration, campaigning, election costs, insurance, advertising and candidate registrations for elections.

Unlike other political parties we do not automatically receive funding or other associated benefits of being in Parliament such as a refund of the fee to stand a candidate in a seat at an election, or large resources for advertising materials.

(currently $3,500 per candidate per seat in SA State Elections)

Every single dollar raised is vital to the strength and growth of our party now and for the future. All of our office holders are volunteers, which means all money raised goes directly to the organisation, and not to paying someone’s wages/bonuses or benefits.

South Australia Division Fundraising relies on support from our members and their friends through these initiatives.