Senate Candidate for SA

Democracy remains the best model of government. It is this understanding that enticed me to join the Australian Democrats recently after I’d made the decision to run for the Senate in South Australia. The decision to run, was driven by a life-long desire to enable all people to achieve their full potential in a stable political environment. Once decided, I realised quickly to be even remotely successful, as always, being part of a team was imperative.

Of all the parties I evaluated and considered joining, the Australian Democrats values of “finding common ground” and the fifteen guiding principles aligned most strongly with my own long held beliefs and values that should be a part of any group and particularly a political party.

I’m an enthusiastic Christian, Uniting Church of Australia member, local community leader there and endeavour to live my life around the Christian ethos. I’m passionate about feeding, clothing and sheltering the world’s growing population more efficiently. I love my wife of 35 years and family of three adult offspring and their respective wives and husband and one grandchild, so far! I’m mindful of and humbled by the many mistakes I’ve made over the last 60 years and know I have learnt a lot yet have a lot to learn. I’m determined to make the world a better place every day, from improving the cultural practices of agriculture, energy creation, parliament processes and to a simple smile at a passer-by.

My career includes 40 years of employment across the Agribusiness sector of Australia; NZ from farm hand to CEO, including a number of senior management positions with, Agribusiness Australia, Emerald, Chemtura, Monsanto. Several of my notable achievements are my significant involvement in the establishment of a number of now, every day cultural practises including Returnable Ag Chemical containers, the practise of Minimum Tillage and On Farm Mobile Seed treatment and processing.

To achieve my passion, I take every opportunity to creatively and professionally speak and write publicly and present the case for logical, science-based debate on how we can improve our world. When we are successful in having another elected Senator for SA (after a long hiatus) my focus would be on improving the accountability of parliamentarians, increasing the percentage of implementation of various report recommendations e.g. Royal Commission outcomes and finding ways for much longer-term thinking and decision-making processes to be implemented.

The Senate is the house of review, so my emphasis will be on identifying and fostering ways and means to prepare for future generations to continue to enjoy the resources we have been loaned, in perpetuity.

I believe in what the Australian Democrats have stood for in the past and stand for now, and am keen to represent these values in the Australian Parliament because it will improve our parliaments processes and most importantly its outcomes, that will enhance the lives of Australians, the citizens of the world and the earth we all live on.

Formal qualifications;

Associate Diploma in Farm Management – University of Adelaide – Roseworthy

Graduate Diploma in Systems Agriculture – University of Western Sydney – Hawkesbury

Tim's areas of focus:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Political Accountability
  • Local Community