Candidate for Adelaide


Born and raised in Adelaide, I grew up with a deep understanding of the importance of hard work. My parents worked hard to provide me with a good home and education, and my grandparents, who immigrated from Sri Lanka in the 1960s, have inspired me to never give up.

My passions include improving our health and education systems so they better serve all Australians, and taking proper action on climate change. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Accounting, as an external student, at the University of South Australia and believe that all people in Australia should have equal access to education based on their willingness to learn and not their ability to pay. Providing a good, world-class education has benefits that far outweigh the costs of providing it, and we must do a better job in supporting and encouraging people to reach their full potential; doing so will only benefit the future of our country.

If elected, I will endeavour to work with parliament and industry to create a realistic and serious plan for Australia to transition to a greener, cleaner, more sustainable nation. It’s important to all of us that we are a nation that has a plan for its future, which involves transitioning to renewable energy, investing in industries and technology that will grow our economy and bring new jobs, and supporting / investing in our rural and regional communities so they not only survive, but thrive.

I believe all Australians deserve a world-class health care system that serves us all, in particular to better support mental health care, people living with disabilities and the elderly. I have high hopes for the future of our country, but believe that we must work together.

If we work together, we can achieve anything.

Chris' areas of focus:

  • Climate Change
  • Education
  • Health
  • Local Community