We're back!

For the future of our Country.

South Australia has a strong, proud history of political leadership; of being forward-thinkers and of challenging the status quo. Whether it is leading the country in giving Women and Aboriginal people the vote (Universal Suffrage) or Container Deposit Schemes and renewable energy, South Australians are, and always have been, leading the way.

But forward thinking only turns to action when Parliament functions properly. That’s why the Australian Democrats are back. We are not interested in political point-scoring; we are interested in ideas, in problem-solving, and making Parliament function the way it should - to serve the community. We want to hold Parliament accountable even after the media spotlight moves on.

Our goals in South Australia are simple; we aim to bridge the rural and urban divide. We believe that no Australian should be forced to leave country areas to access quality, free education or health care. Rural and regional Australia should not be subjected to substandard funding of road and rail.

We want to see better support and long-term stability given to emergency services (across Australia) to allow them to proactively mitigate and prepare for climate change. The Democrats have a plan to address the chaos that has been plaguing our energy markets now for decades.

The Australian Democrats are back to bring a clear vision to the Parliament. No matter where you are in South Australia, whether you are concerned about water, electricity or food - we are with you.

The Democrats are the Party for all Australians.

Our Candidates in SA