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As we re-build our structure and organisation at a State level, we are operating as a Branch of the Northern NSW Division with a Queensland Branch Executive.

As our membership grows, we will reconvene as the Queensland Division and continue to have an active role in National Policy development as well as candidate assessment and selection for State and Federal elections. To review our current policies for the Australian Democrats, follow this link. For a review of current topical issues that we are looking for input and feedback on, please review our ‘Hot Topics’ section here.

Our Interim Branch Executive consists of:

  • Secretary – Dan Hutchinson
  • Membership Office – Julie Noble
  • Treasurer – Scott Roberts

The Queensland Branch is currently calling for nominations for Branch Executive roles for the coming year. Sign up as a member and ask us for more information about how to nominate for a Branch Executive role.

We encourage all Queenslanders of a similar centrist ideology to consider joining the Australian Democrats.

The Australian Democrats is a non for profit political body that relies on membership and donations to provide a viable and progressive counterbalance to the current political landscape. The Australian Democrats have a long history of ‘Keeping the bastards honest!’ and now more than ever, this is a fundamental necessity in Australian Politics.


To be advised


To be advised

RSVP and Enquiries:

Scott Roberts – Mob. 0418 181 116