We are pleased to launch our unique Candidate Assessment process and invite people to consider applying to be a candidate for the Australian Democrats for the upcoming Federal election.

Applications open: February 12th

Applications close: March 12th

What are we looking for?

We are looking for highly proactive candidates who will lead the way to represent our re-emergence as a political alternative, with an approach to politics that is evidence-based, solutions-focused and community-minded.

Candidates will need to:

  • Represent their Electorate and Organisation without fear or favour
    • Work in synergy with the vision, mission and values of the Australian Democrats
      • Embody an ethic of service to the community
        • Have the drive and capacity to source and/or raise the necessary funds to support their campaign
          • Be willing to engage in door-knocking, information booths, social media and other informative events/avenues
            • Work successfully and collaboratively with a Campaign Committee
              • Work successfully and collaboratively with members of the community
                • Work successfully and collaboratively with the broader Australian Democrats team

How are we pre-selecting candidates?

It is essential to have candidates who consistently represent our Party’s values; voters must be able to trust the Australian Democrats brand, regardless of which electorate they live in. We are also committed to doing things differently, and in a political landscape marred by egos, ‘jobs for the boys’ and vested interests, our pre-screening strategy sets us apart.

In keeping with our commitment to integrity, consistency and transparency, we are partnering with an award winning recruitment firm in Pinnacle People Solutions.

Pinnacle People Solutions have the skills and systems to provide robust and objective assessment of candidate suitability. More importantly, their ethical values and commitment to rural/regional Australia matches our own values.

What is the Candidate Assessment Process?

The assessment process will be conducted in stages:

  • Pre-screening and engagement - potential applicants receive the Candidate Prospectus and are supported with all information required to submit an application
    • Stage 1 - review of written application
      • Stage 2 - background checking
        • Stage 3 - interview, referee checks and final recommendation
        • Only applicants who have met the objective requirements of each stage will progress to the next step of the process.

          This process is open to both members and non-members, provided they are willing to go through our processes.

  • Stage 130%
  • Stage 260%
  • Stage 390%

Application Fee



Applying to go through the Candidate Assessment process comes with an administration fee of $800.

As a Party that is re-emerging, we do not yet have the extensive resources of other parties to support candidates. We do not want anyone to undertake this journey without being prepared for it. For this reason, potential applicants need to recognise they will need to bring/build a support base.

Successful candidates need to demonstrate an ability to raise funds and confidently ask family, friends, locals and the wider community to get behind them and support them!

Australian Democrats leadership teams are comprised entirely of volunteers. No individual or group within the Party receives remuneration for their work. Application fees will be used in their entirety to go towards the overall costs of the Candidate Assessment Process.

To request a copy of the Candidate Prospectus, or to ask questions simply click the button below, email or call 1300 856 231.

Application form included in the Prospectus.