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State Election: South Australia!

Peter Smythe

Our candidate for the seat of Morialta is Peter Smythe, who does what the Democrats do best: he keeps the bastards honest, and is an acknowledged whistleblower.  Mr Smythe has worked for the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Customs Service and the Australian Taxation Office.  He also worked for the Electricity Trust of South Australia when it was still in public hands, and believes we must not sell essential infrastructure.  He is currently working to realise an overseas aid program to raise funds for tuberculosis health clinics in remote regions of Papua New Guinea.  In his spare time, through the group Reevers Warbirds, Mr Smythe is involved in the acquisition and restoration of historic warplanes which has included establishing contacts with the families of World War II veterans.  Mr Smythe and his wife live in the electorate in the foothills suburb of Rostrevor.  He holds a Masters Degree in Criminology.

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