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To provide rural Australians with a reliable voice.

Menindee Lakes BeforeMenindee Lakes Jan 2019

For far too long, rural Australians have been without a genuine voice in Parliament. A voice that listened to farmers and regional towns-people when they rallied against issues impacting their local communities.

In 2018, the Australian Democrats and CountryMinded merged, bringing together the best of the City and Country. They recognised the similarities of both their outlooks; a focus on climate change, an understanding of the importance of rural Australia, a desire to see that balance and connection between City and Country restored.

In this election, the Australian Democrats are running two candidates in NSW - two Country Democrats candidates.

If you're in the cities, please follow and join us on this campaign to change the balance of politics in Australia. If you're concerned about climate change, food security for the cities, transitioning our economy to renewable and sustainable markets and more, then this is about your voice too.

Poor politics is a universal problem whether you live in a city or the back of beyond. It doesn't seem to matter which party holds the reins, someone just needs to keep the bastards honest.

The Democrats are the Party for all Australians.

Pics of Menindee Lakes courtesy of Brisbane Times (Nick Moir) and OEH NSW (John Spencer)

Our Candidates for NSW