In an exciting development for both parties and for the political landscape in this country, CountryMinded and the Australian Democrats have agreed to join forces to help give a voice to all Australians in every part of our country.

Country Minded is a grass roots party based in rural NSW and Queensland.  They are committed to listening to people in rural Australia, the enduring importance of agriculture and genuine stewardship of the land. They provide a strong and progressive voice for rural issues, particularly on climate change.

Although the Australian Democrats have always had country members and taken rural issues seriously, this amalgamation will signal a new political force that will be a strong voice for the many rural people that the National Party ignores. This merger will enhance and extend the work of both parties while preserving strong rural and regional advocacy through the newly established Country Democrats division.

Both groups value respectful discourse, evidence based policy and believe that by it is only by listening to one another and focusing on outcomes that help communities thrive. Country Minded bring a much needed perspective from a part of Australia that is vital to but is sorely missing representation that truly speaks for them. This merger strengthens both groups in different ways and is a huge step in bringing the genuine concerns of those in regions and rural areas to the fore.

This is a hugely exciting time for both Country Minded and the Australian Democrats as we now have enough members to officially enrol with the Australian Electoral Commission ensuring we are a registered party nationally. This will allow us to be on the ballot at the forthcoming federal election and once again be part of the broader political conversation.

We see this is the start of a hugely collaborative journey that gives people, no matter what part of this country they are from, a real voice on the things that matter to them. We hope you'll join us.