Medical cannabis: the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing



It’s time the different arms of the state government started talking to each other if we are going to deal with the stupidity of some of our state’s drug laws, say the Australian Democrats.
State President, Elisa Resce, says that yesterday’s debacle where Jenny Hallam was busted by police shows that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in the South Australian Government.
“For government that is a bad thing. It not only makes them look incompetent, but can lead to miscarriages of justice.
“A stuff-up like this was almost inevitable.
“On the one hand we have the government saying they are open to the idea of medical cannabis industry with the Premier having established a multi-agency working group to progress the concept.
“Yet it seems our police officers have not been brought into the loop.
“It really is not very difficult to legislate to allow for this. When the Democrats were in State Parliament our MPs introduced bills to legalise medical cannabis on at least two occasions.
“Numerous states in the USA now have medical cannabis, so there are many models available.
“Right now the Premier should intervene in this current situation and tell SAPOL to act with a little more discretion when the use of cannabis is for medical purposes.
“As things stand, without that intervention some people’s lives may be at risk” said Ms Resce.


5 January 2017




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