Media release: No more hijacking progress

15 November, 2017

Today is a win for equality, a win for justice, and a win for family.

National President Elisa Resce, with her partner Kylie, at a rally for marriage equality

And yet, there are still those who are attempting to hijack progress.

Australians have had their say, and it is time for the ‘no’ campaigners to accept both the result, and the people for whom it matters.

The message from this survey is that discrimination against LGBTI people is no longer tolerated by the majority of Australians. This is a significant step in accepting people for who they are.

We call on the Government to allow a debate on a bill for marriage equality in this November/December sitting of Parliament. This issue has taken up too much Parliamentary time and energy – it is time to move on.

The debate has been divisive, as expected, and people have been hurt. But the ‘YES’ result shows that most Australians welcome LGBTI people as strong members of the community, and want a society that is truly fair go. Now is the time to make that happen.

We urge the Prime Minister to provide leadership and reject the recent ‘alternative’ bills from MPs who are seeking to distract, delay, and legalise discrimination. This is completely out of step with what the majority of Australians have indicated in the survey.

Now is the time to deliver – there can be no more excuses.

The truth is, it is already illegal for bakers and florists to discriminate against same sex couples, or indeed any couple, and religious institutions still have exemptions; however, those that do marry and welcome same sex couples will be the winners.

Inclusivity strengthens community, and this is what Australia needs.

Now is the time for Parliament to respond to the will of the public. Now is the time for change.

In response to those who seek to hijack progress – we urge all who got on the electoral roll, who used their right to have a say to help bring about change, to let their voice be heard again at the next, and at every election.

It’s time for the MPs who are hijacking progress to be voted out.

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  1. Brenda Hamilton November 17, 2017 at 10:05 am - Reply

    Quakers have been progressive with regard to same sex unions for years so I’m sure they will embrace same sex marriage just as keenly. They have been performing commitment ceremonies since the 70s

  2. Rosemary Drabsch November 17, 2017 at 11:32 am - Reply

    Pilgrim Uniting Church in Flinders Street, Adelaide, has had a Gay and Lesbian group for years, and welcomes all.

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