Leave the Majors Blank

27 July 2016

The Coalition Government and Labor cannot be trusted with absolute power.

Instead of voting for the major parties, send them a message and support minor and micro parties at this election.

Here are just a few of the nasties that the Coalition Government tried to or did bring in after breaking promises after the last election:

* Cuts to funding for the ABC and SBS
* Deregulate university fees
* No dole for up to 6 months for under 30’s
* Medicare co-payments
* Allow Financial Planners to give advice to their customers that is not in the customers best interest. (To the advantage of the big banks.)

All of these, and more, were blocked by the Senate cross-benchers.

Do you TRUST Bill Shorten, or Malcolm Turnbull with absolute power? That is what will happen if either wins a majority of the Senate.

In this Federal Election, you can vote for as many, or as few, of the Senate candidates as you want.

You control all of YOUR preferences. When you fill in the Senate ballot (white ballot paper), ensure the cross-benchers are there to protect us all.

Number the boxes for the micro parties of your choice and leave the majors blank.

When you get to Liberal/National Coalition and when you get to Labor/Greens coalition, leave those squares blank.

VICTORIAN VOTERS: This Saturday, you can vote for Australian Democrats senate candidates David Collyer and Wanda Mitchell-Cook.

For information on voting and Senate voting changes, see the Australian Electoral Commission website: http://aec.gov.au/Voting/How_to_vote/Voting_Senate.htm

For a list of candidates see:http://www.aec.gov.au/election/candidates.htm

For commentary about the Senate, small and micro parties, see:https://catespeaks.wordpress.com

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