Kerbside Recycling

13th February, 2018

Kerbside recycling approaches crisis point
Why is there no election focus on this issue?

With China refusing to accept Australia’s kerbside recycling Australia will soon be facing a waste management crisis.

It is imperative that the forthcoming South Australian election be a time when those parties and candidates wanting to form government state their policies and advise how they will deal with this issue. Yet nothing is being said.

‘It’s a problem that has been palmed off for too long’, says the Australian Democrats candidate for the seat of Morialta, Peter Smythe. ‘Sending our waste offshore was always a haphazard approach with the transporting of material overseas adding to climate change emissions.

The possible collapse of kerbside recycling does however present an opportunity to come up with some creative solutions.

South Australia is known for its innovation, shown for instance with our photovoltaic installations, battery technology and container deposit legislation.

We simply cannot continue with an out-of-sight out-of-mind mentality.

‘While it’s good to recycle, the other two aspects of the environmental “three R’s”, reduce and reuse have fallen by the wayside. Government must take the initiative and offer incentives if necessary to get the public on board with new ways of thinking about consumption.

‘Extending our container deposit legislation to include more and different types of containers is a must and should be increasing the refund from 10c to 20c.

Importantly replacements must be found for plastics so that we do not pollute our oceans and kill our marine life. Many plastics are made from oil, a gradually dwindling resource – another good reason for finding alternative to plastic.

We do not have to keep endlessly consuming in order to lead happy and productive lives.

‘The earth is a closed system and there is no “away” for us to throw anything to’ said Mr Smythe.


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