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About Membership

Membership with the Australian Democrats is unique. There is no hidden caucus or hierarchy where only the top layer gets to make the decisions. We are a participatory democracy – that means, every member gets a vote.

Members elect the leadership governing body. Members vote on policies.

Now, we don’t expect any member will agree with 100% of our policies, but that is precisely the point – we’re not likely to get an Australia like that, either. We each bring our different perspectives and experiences and then we discuss, debate, and vote on it.

Our underlying principles are that policies must be based on evidence. We reject extreme or ideological approaches or any approach that is about favouring one group over another, but instead commit to being solutions-focused, planning for the long term, and looking for outcomes that lead to a just, fair, socially and environmentally responsible Australia.

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Membership Options

Full membership (Standard: $80 per year, Concession: $40 per year)

  • Receives correspondence about Party discussions and decisions
  • Votes in Party ballots on policy and our leadership team
  • Can hold a Party office
  • Can nominate to stand as a candidate

Please note, voting rights start after 6 months of membership. This is to ensure fairness in the democratic process, so no individual or factional group can quickly gather numbers to ensure a majority in an upcoming vote.


Non-Voting membership – $10 only!

  • Receives correspondence about Party discussions and decisions
  • Has a say in Party policy
  • Learns more and stays in touch with behind-the-scenes Party matters
  • Can convert to full membership at any time


National President Elisa Resce explains more:



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