Greg Raines elected as new State President

The Victorian Division of the Australian Democrats have chosen former Party Secretary, Greg Raines as their new President. Nominations for executive positions were announced at the AGM held late last year. A ratification ballot has since been conducted following that occasion, in accordance with the party’s democratic practices.

Greg Raines, Australian Democrats Victorian President

Mr Raines said that he looks forward to leading the party into this Federal election year. “We still remain the only party who genuinely care about people, the protection of our natural environment, and sound economic policy.”

Since taking up an active role in politics, Greg has worked passionately on issues including workplace relations, law reform and protecting Australia’s precious biotechnology and medical research industry. Greg believes that biotechnology and medical research is a key industry that Australia must focus on for continued economic growth, as we move away from reliance on our mining sector.

In speaking to members, he stated that, “To capitalise on this unique opportunity, we need well-designed policies that encourage the full economic benefits of this high value industry, from basic research and development (R&D), to full-scale manufacturing”.

For further information and Media contact:
Greg Raines
0422 286 007


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