The long-term success of the economy is linked to a growing and well-educated work force, a balance of both public and private sectors, the availability of capital to fund expansion, and access to markets. All of these must be guided by a commitment to ethical standards to ensure profit is not put before people or planet.

We recognise the importance of a strong economy to provide the vital services for the people, and a prosperous economy must be one where everyone benefits. A responsible economy supports individuals, families and communities to achieve greater self-sufficiency and community health, through accessible social, health and education services.

The Australian Democrats will support legislation that:

  • Promotes prosperity by maintaining equal rights, fair taxes, free trade, predictable laws and protection against fraud
  • Promotes innovation to create opportunities and economic growth
  • Supports a taxation system that is broadly based, progressive and based on capacity to pay
  • Increases infrastructure spending as a foundation for long-term sustainable growth of business, transport, trade and community
  • Ensures partnership between environment and industry to achieve economic growth, jobs, and a sustainable, clean environment
  • Encourages trade between different countries as an important factor in raising living standards, providing employment and grow the economy
  • Ensures the Australian budget is in balance
  • Recognises the value of unpaid work including raising children and caring for those with injury, illness and disability
  • Supports a superannuation system based on compulsory employer and voluntary employee savings as an integral component of retirement income provision
  • Recognises instances of exploitation of government benefits and concessions occur at every level of society, and ensures measures to reduce these are conducted fairly rather than targeting or demonising certain groups
  • Supports Australian businesses to be competitive in the national and international marketplace
  • Resists the selling of government assets to private companies
  • Works towards a taxation system that delivers sufficiency of revenue, fair distribution of wealth, and international and domestic competitiveness

The Australian Democrats also believe Members of Parliament and political parties / personalities can and must demonstrate responsible economic management through the ethical, responsible and transparent use of their own entitlements and expenditures.