Compassion For Refugees

For over 30 years we have advocated on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees.

The Australian Democrats continue to support a non-discriminatory immigration program that gives priority to refugees and family reunion applicants. We still strongly support multiculturalism and believe all of us have a part to play in building a strong, safe, harmonious and prosperous society.

We support the High Court decision on the so-called Malaysia Solution.

We oppose mandatory detention for all unauthorised arrivals.

We oppose all legislation to repel asylum seekers on the high seas, such as the Pacific Solution.

We believe Australia has a moral responsibility, as well as a duty under international law, to provide haven for refugees and not send people back to persecution or death.

We believe the issue of asylum seekers and refugees to be primarily a humanitarian issue, not a security issue.

The Australian Democrats will continue working to improve the quality of life for refugees and asylum seekers and to change attitudes both within parliament and within the Australian community.

In particular, we urge all Australians to have compassion for refugees regardless of how they arrive in Australia.

Our Record

Download a summary of the Democrats policies and actions to protect the rights of refugees 1977-2006 [124kb pdf]

More Information

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