We recognise our biological destiny as social creatures – people who need each other; people for whom a sense of belonging is fundamental to our well-being; people who utterly rely on communities to define us, sustain us and protect us.

The Australian Democrats will support legislation that:

  • Ensures every child living in Australia has the right to have their fundamental needs met and to live freely and securely within a society that values and protects them
  • Reduces unemployment as Australia’s highest social priority
  • Ensures equitable access to housing for all Australians, and improves public spaces to better serve those who are sleeping rough
  • Invests in public transport and city infrastructure, as it plays an important role in minimising the cost of congestion and maximising economic productivity
  • Protects freedom of religion, while observing and maintaining the separation of powers between religious organisations and the state
  • Recognises and supports a multicultural society which values all those who live in Australia, to be part of a strong, safe, harmonious and prosperous nation, and assists those new to Australia with connections to language and community support
  • Recognises the breadth of Australia’s heritage and all aspects of our history
  • Continues to work for a community which supports harmony, the elimination of prejudice, and the combating of discrimination
  • Supports maximum participation in community life for those who are elderly or have a disability
  • Recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the rightful custodians of their cultures, and should have a primary role in managing their heritage
  • Supports the special obligation owed to veterans who served the nation in conflict