Click-tivism isn’t working. We need to threaten jobs.

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National President Elisa Resce gives a call to action

I had an interesting thought exercise the other day. I tried to recall the number of online petitions I have signed this year.

I can’t remember the number, because if I’m honest, I can’t remember the petitions.

I also stopped to reflect on my Facebook page. I looked at the articles I share, the political comments I make, the issues I want to inform others about.

I do a lot of that – sharing articles and making political comments. And yet, for each and every one of the topics that is close to my heart, nothing has changed in Parliament. I am still talking about the same issues I was talking about, years ago.

Can you relate? Does this sound familiar?

We need to face the facts, everyone. Click-tivism is not working.

And how could it, when petitions are a dime a dozen? Our attention is so divided by so many different issues, flashing before our eyes everyday. Worse, once we’ve clicked, once we’ve shared, it’s easy for us to think: ‘Well, we’ve done everything we can.’

Have we? If this is the case, then why aren’t things changing?

I’ll tell you why things aren’t changing. Because the same people who are making the laws, are still in the same positions. They sit in their seats for an entire election cycle, which, while short, is still a heck of a lot longer than the majority of Australians give to online campaigns and protests.

Things are not going to change by us trying to put sporadic, unsustained pressure on politicians via social media. They will change when we threaten their jobs, by standing against them at elections.

The major parties, and popular minor parties, know that. This is why they have been pushing electoral reforms, to make it harder and more expensive to register as a political party, and to change preferential voting laws. This is also why they are pushing the rhetoric that having too many independents and minor parties in the Senate, can be chaotic.

Is that true? Or is that just spin?

In this case, there is some truth in that, depending on the type of independents and minor parties. One problem is that populist one-issue parties don’t always produce the best Parliamentarians.   A member of parliament needs to consider a wide range of political issues and have a balanced approach to all of them. But unfortunately, the one-issue populist parties seem to be the ones getting the most attention.

Look – there are some amazing Parliamentarians out there, doing important work. But they don’t have the numbers, or else they’d be changing the laws. We need more of them!

Let’s threaten some jobs!

Reasonable Australians, ordinary Australians, compassionate Australians who want to see change – we need you to join political parties. And I am unashamedly asking you to join us.

We need your membership and support to give us the funds and supporter base to campaign, the way the current Parliamentarians are able to – and they have millions at their disposal.

We need your energy, your ideas, your passions and skills, to grow us beyond grass-roots to a force to be reckoned with.

We need those of you who look at what we stand for and want to see those values represented in Parliament, to volunteer to stand as candidates.

We need people who are willing to put themselves out there and threaten some Parliamentary jobs.

We are currently a small group, dedicated to bringing reason back to Parliament.

We are putting ourselves out there and moving beyond click-tivism.

But we can’t do it alone. Will you join us?


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