January 17, 2020

Burning bias

Kensley Crowley, Democrats campaigner, WA The heat of Australia’s political climate is paralysing decision-making for what is now a very uncertain future.  Deep divisions exist between those […]
January 15, 2020

Bad faith calls by Libs

With trust in the Prime Minister low right now but high for the state premiers dealing with bushfires, why would he announce a Royal Commission without […]
January 14, 2020

They’re our Heroes. They deserve more.

Adrian Lozancic, Democrats campaigner Members of our Rural Fire Service aren’t just volunteers – they’re heroes.  Everyday Australians stepping up for the cause – risking their […]
January 12, 2020

Scotty come lately on ADF role

Just when you think the Prime Minister is starting to get the seriousness of the situation he finds another excuse for inaction – we need to […]
January 11, 2020

Bushfire health plan a must

Dr Roger Yazbek, Democrats health campaigner Australia is at a critical juncture. We see before our eyes the enormous devastation, loss of human and animal life […]
January 10, 2020

The heat was on in 2000

Quite a few reminders are coming to light on advice the Government had way back on climate change. The Democrats were at the forefront. Then Senator, […]
January 10, 2020

Declare a smoke health emergency

It is crucial that bushfire smoke is identified now as a health emergency and that people, especially those who are vulnerable, receive good advice and medical […]
January 9, 2020

US/Iran madness, bring troops home

President Trump is putting peace in the Middle East, such as it is, at enormous risk and Australia must caution him, withdraw Australian troops in Iraq and, […]
January 4, 2020

Fires – downplayed by Murdoch

As fires rage out of control, News Limited papers don’t appear to think it matters, relegating coverage of the disaster to page 4 in the case […]