Australian Democrats go ‘White Label’

The Australian Democrats today drew second or Group B on the Senate ballot paper for Victoria.

“We are contesting this election as a ‘White Label’ team,” lead candidate David Collyer said. “We were refused party status under stupid new electoral laws introduced to direct voters toward the major parties.

“We reject this suppression of democracy. We are standing!

“If poor electoral law obliges us to be known as ‘Group B’ then so be it.”

Group B will appear without a party logo or the party name on the ballot paper. It is the only Group like this on the Senate ballot paper for Victoria.

Under the new Commonwealth laws, parties must submit a list of 500 members to the AEC. They confirm the membership with a sample of 50. The Australian Democrats failed that test by one, appealed, had the appeal rejected, then had the re-appeal overtaken by the calling of the election.

The Australian Democrats embody a distinct ‘centre’ political philosophy that is humanist, tolerant and enabling. It tirelessly advocates free and secular education and strict environmental protection. It believes in free enterprise and sound competition – not the crony capitalism and endless monopolies that have hollowed out Australia’s economy.

The Australian Democrats’ Victorian Senate team of David Collyer and Wanda Mitchell-Cook are determined to make a difference to the lives of all.

“We have a long history of working constructively with governments of the left and right to improve legislation. If elected, we will again take up the Democrats’ practice of negotiating new laws line by line and using the precious vote strategically,” David Collyer concluded.

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