Australian Democrats Announce Victorian Senate Team

David Collyer

David Collyer and Wanda Mitchell-Cook will lead the Australian Democrats Victorian Senate team to the July 2 federal election. “The Democrats stand for sound economics, social inclusion and environmental protection”, David said. “These solid principles belong to all Australians, not to the left or the right.”

“We are thrilled to be chosen to head up the Democrats Victorian campaign. The double dissolution of federal parliament spilling all Senate positions gives the Australian Democrats the chance to pick up the task of reviewing legislation and government action for the common good.”

Under the Senate’s proportional representation electoral system, the quota for Senate positions in the July 2 election is 7.69 per cent (1/13 +1).

David Collyer is Policy Director at Prosper Australia, a progressive think tank focussed on research and advocacy of land economics and taxation. He is an outspoken critic of Australia’s current tax system, particularly government’s over-heavy reliance on taxing wages and salaries for their revenues.

At Prosper, he advocates exchanging conveyancing Stamp Duty for State Land Tax and runs Prosper’s Don’t Buy Now! campaign, warning first home buyers of the risks of over-paying for a home in the midst of a debt-fuelled land bubble. His work for Prosper can be seen at

David previously was Senior Advisor to Democrats Senate leader Lyn Allison. Earlier, he ran a digital photography business and held corporate communication roles at Kodak (Australasia) and the Metropolitan Ambulance Service.

A video campaigning for a rail link to Melbourne’s airport demonstrates David’s “can-do” style: David is also a member of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia, the Victorian National Parks Association and a trustee of the Henry George Foundation of Australia.

Wanda Mitchell-Cook

Wanda Mitchell-Cook is a nurse educator, head of the school of nursing at Menzies Institute of Technology and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health.

Wanda is founder and director of Wanda Cook and Associates Pty Ltd, an advocacy organisation for those injured and denied compensation as a direct result of compulsory insurers’ liability management and cost-shifting activity.

WC&A is a founding member of Pain Australia, an advocacy network addressing the towering unseen issue of appropriate pain management. An Access Economics study in 2007 calculated the economic cost of pain in terms of lost work and suffering at $34 billion a year. This figure can only have risen since.

“Poor pain management burdens Australia with 30 million lost work days a year, on top of the human suffering involved. I want to put before government the good strategies available to take on this waste,” Wanda said. Visit her website at: for more on pain experience.

Media contacts:
David Collyer 0413 248 193

Wanda Mitchell-Cook 0423 731 982

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