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Common Ground, Not Middle Ground

When a friend heard me describe us as Australian Democrats as a centre party, they sent me the above cartoon (1). I did not take offence. I actually agree. Determining to 'find the middle ground' [...]

What do we stand for?

It's been so frustrating watching the actions of our political representatives in Parliament. So much of our work lately has been to get member numbers up and re-register - and we are doing this because [...]

Our members

I am a Democrat because I don’t want to treat people with different opinions as if they are ‘the enemy’.
I want to listen and learn and work together – a good idea is a good idea, regardless of if it comes from the ‘left’ or ‘right’!


I remain an active member of the Democrats after 38 years because we are a party that is not based on hidebound ideology or on any “-isms”. Rather, we look at all the arguments and come up with solutions that are in the best interests of a majority of Australians.

I joined a party with common sense. It’s evidence based, with progressive ideals and open minded thinkers. A group of people who are principled and have the best interests of Australia’s future at heart, improving on existing policies and introducing exciting new ideas. Everyone gets a say in what and how things are done. The seriousness is mixed with an ability to have fun and get together with interesting people from all walks of life.

I am a Democrat because I feel like I belong. It is a party that stands for everything I believe in and supports its members. We share like-minded ideas and the same views on policies.
I look forward to where the Australian Democrats are headed, and I am excited for our future.


As a member since 2000 I have been actively involved on NSW State and National Executives and run as a Candidate in the Elections since then. I joined because Democracy is a human right and this is the only political party that is democratic in its processes with the membership.

The Democrats do not oppose policy for opposing’s sake, but operate with the view of supporting government to ensure policies are fair. If the Senate is to operate properly & fairly rather obstructionist then there should be no alternative but to vote for the Democrats.

I’m a Democrat because I am passionate about the environment, human rights, treating everyone equally, and doing what we can to help those in need.

It’s the only party I know of that everyone has input into decisions, you can get involved to whatever capacity you are able to, and they are great, real & fun people to hang out with!


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